Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Docstoc is Closed

Today, Docstoc service is closed - shut down permanently, after a few weeks notice. Docstoc is a service that is used to store documents such as reports and presentations. Since they informed in advance, I have migrated the files and presentations previously hosted in Docstoc to SlideShare, and fixed the links throughout this blog. Hence there should be no broken links in this blog post, unless I somehow missed something. 

This made me think: what if slideshare is closed one day as well? I have used SlideShare to host documents more extensively. So if they are too forced to close down one day, that would require more effort for me. Worst fear of all time, what if the services from Google close down during our life time? However, I hope, in that case, they will provide a seamless migration to some alternative platform that would be taking over by then (such as a migration tool from blogger to wordpress).

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