Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Facebook Delete

I have deleted my Facebook as I am getting busier these days. Not sure how long this delete will last.

These are the few things I did / did not do for the delete.

1. I did not announce the delete in the Facebook itself. This will further delay the delete as it will increase the communication.

2. I contacted the very few Facebook friends via email, who I will lose contact with when I delete Facebook. This includes the close friends that I met in Facebook and hence did not share my email address or phone number with, before. I am sure I may have missed a few.

Now I do not have to deal with the celebrities who post just to increase their monthly social media reach. I had a golden era of Facebook in 2009, when it was used mostly for fun, and rarely for propaganda. Also I do not have to click the posts that have the clickbait style title "X did this. And the reaction was priceless".

My friends kept inviting me for Hi5 and similar sites before Facebook from 2005. That time, I could not convince myself to put more effort beyond owning an email account.

Since majority of my friends are connected with me through multiples media (such as google hangouts, LinkedIn, Email, ..) I am not going to miss them.

However, I may have to reactivate at least once in a while, during the "challenging times" such as, 
1. When a conference/event organizers actively promote Facebook log ins as a way of communicating.

2. When I get introduced to people, and they prefer to be in touch via Facebook.

Facebook and social media is pretty cool. Just they are getting too much of negative energy these days. One example would be, asking to share devastating photos because "1 Like = 1 Prayer", or "Mark Zuckerburg will pay 1 USD for each like", or probably "My dad will quit smoking if this post gets 1000 likes".

These diseases are now spreading to LinkedIn as well, actually since early 2014, as I noticed. Let's see how long I could sustain this delete.

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