Thursday, December 3, 2015

git core.filemode set to true in .git/config files

I notice that in all the project .git folders, core.filemode property is set to true. So I encounter so many unmodified files reported as modified when I run git status, and conflicts leading to an abort of git pull.

This is what I found.
OpenDaylight/integration$ git diff test/csit/suites/openflowplugin/Flows_OF13/306__eth_ip_qos.txt
diff --git a/test/csit/suites/openflowplugin/Flows_OF13/306__eth_ip_qos.txt b/test/csit/suites/openflowplugin/Flows_OF13/306__eth_ip_qos.txt
old mode 100644
new mode 100755
While I am not sure why git core.filemode set to true in .git/config files in OpenDaylight, setting it false helped me fix this block on git pull.

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