Friday, December 11, 2015

Data Quality and ∂u∂u

Data Quality is a course I did at the university, as part of the 5 courses requirement for my PhD.  This course was remarkable at so many levels. 

First, I had to go to Taguspark after two years, for this course. Second, I really learned a lot. Third, I was the only student for the course. Usually individual courses are expensive. Perks of being a PhD student. Finally, we had a full paper at CoopIS 2015 (CoopIS is an "A" rated conference), as a result of this course work, which was awesome. I scored 19 out of 20 for this course. I read a lot of papers for this subject, and I spent majority of my time for this module in my second semester. Good memories. :)

Read more about our paper here. The full paper can be accessed here.

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