Friday, December 11, 2015

You will realize you are traveling pretty frequently, when..

Colombo, Sri Lanka
This year I had an unlimited number of travels. Well, that was an exaggeration. But at some point, it did feel like that. Specially when I came back from Croatia to Lisbon, to rush to Santa Clara, US, the very next day. I did travel frequently this year - more than the previous 3 years combined (2012, 2013, and 2014)!

I have also travelled to more new countries - totally 8 countries, including first border crossings by land. It also include my longest bus journey outside Sri Lanka - An all night bus to Belgrade, Serbia from Rijeka, Croatia.
This year, I also had many planned trips that were cancelled due to the clashes with other activities.

I had opportunity to visit Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Greece this year. Missed them due to various reasons, including clash in conference schedules - means, two events at once (Singapore clashed with my PHX, US trip for IC2E 2015), Sydney travel was cancelled due to the visa delay - my friend Denis luckily is there, and presented my paper MEDIator for us!, Vancouver for a middleware workshop - my supervisor presented the paper for me. Similarly, I had to miss the Greece because I had already bought flight tickets to Sri Lanka. Again thanks a lot to my supervisor to present my work. If he was not available, I may have had to cancel and re-book the Sri Lankan flight.

I like to travel along with conferences. It is good to learn something while travelling, I feel. Or probably I am just boring.

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