Friday, December 25, 2015

Moments with Twitter - IV

It has been a while since I wrote a post on the series of Moments with Twitter. You may find the previous 3 posts by checking out my blog label,

A short term COST action in Croatia. Very remarkable! This gives the entire list of successful STSMs under the same European Project.
  • ~~ Election results of the @Erasmus_Mundus PR election for 2016 Best wishes to all the EMA Program Representatives! Dec 25, 2015
I am going to be a PR once more. Previously I hold the post for EMDC in 2013.

  • Date Ariane, an interesting "dating simulator" game that has become a YouTube sensation. Works also in Linux #NSFW Dec 23, 2015
This application is interesting to try once or twice. Irrespective of going viral in YouTube, this game/simulator/application is so depressing. It does not give you much controls, except going on a predefined set of actions in a loop, often random. The "date" in the game itself is more complicated and unfair than the real life scenarios. You may try for fun. If you take it too serious, you will be left irritated.

Erasmus Mundus is surely one of the best things happened to me so far. Actually not one. It is two, as I have been awarded two Erasmus Mundus grants so far - one for masters, and the other (the current one) for doctorate.

  • ~~ Today I presented my work at FCUL. This was also my first guest talk in a university outside Sri Lanka. Nov 20, 2015
I surely love meeting new people, specially the smart ones.

  • The satisfaction you get, when your paper's title has unicode characters that make the editor's job more interesting. :P #∂u∂u -> ?u?u Sep 29, 2015
That tweet was a bit sarcastic. Not sure whether that was a good idea to include Unicode characters in my paper. However, happy about the outcome.

  • #Facebook was down, and now it is apparently back. Reporting real time from #Portugal. :P Sep 28, 2015
Social media has its adverse efforts on the users. I like social media for the network I have built, more than the features it has to offer. I am not actually addicted to any of the sites though. I never check them when I am out. I like to post some interesting updates. However, this year the remarkable events increased significantly, which made me fail to update social media networks altogether. 

  • Thanks @OpenDaylightSDN for reminding me the periodic table again. Hydrogen, Helium, Beryllium, Boron, and more.. :D Jul 30, 2015
Effects of actively participating in the Beryllium release.

  • Listening to the @OpenDaylightSDN VPN Service presentation, while reading on Quagga Routing Suite integration ( ). Jul 30, 2015
Updates, real time from the OpenDaylight Summit 2015.
More updates from the summit. I really loved the summit that I did not go out on sight seeing at all, as I did not want to miss any of the sessions. Also since I was in a tight schedule, I could not extend my stay before or after the summit.

Seems pretty interesting to dig the history.

At some point in this year, I really felt  Lisboa airport was like my second home.

  • #MEOCloud, a good alternative to #Dropbox. It gives 16 GB free space, and also has a Dropbox-like referral system. Mar 28, 2015
May be because of its Portuguese interface; it is not that popular. Probably it is intentional as they want to limit their user base to inside Portugal.

This year, in fact, Dropbox introduced the Campus Space Race again for 2 more years. Predictably, this year the universities (at least the ones that I am affiliated with) underperformed compared to the previous, the first time they introduced this. Probably, just like me, many others got annoyed with the migration requirements at the end of two years. In 2013 race, my university was able to secure 25 GB out of the 25 GB maximum advertised. This time, it was just 15 GB.

I love maps and data.

  • I never get any message in #Twitter #Messages #Inbox. Whenever I get one, it is always a spam message. Dec 28, 2014
 Except when I initiate the communication myself. This is not even an exaggeration, though it sounds like one.

Some fun stuff.

The Internet offers an unlimited amount of learning resources.

  • A guide to sleeping in the airports - This comes handy in deciding the transits.. Sep 14, 2014
I am not really good at sleeping in the airports. I often stare at the small "vehicles" that move the elderly or differently-abled, or the ones that clean the airports in the nights. Often I just go into a long train of thoughts.

  • Found that it is a spam company called @AdCeylon is who spamming me using @madmimi. Created a filter to delete all the mails from adceylon. Aug 08, 2014
That was a heavy spamming that time. Like a few mails a day, directed to my inbox, short-circuiting many of my unsubscribe and filter attempts.

  • I scored 26012 points at 2048, a game where you join numbers to score high! #2048game via @gabrielecirulli Jul 10, 2014
Another way how I spend time in the airports during the long transits, specially the ones that come in the nights where the shops in the air-side are often closed. I have a love-hate relationship with the airports. Often loving it for holding strong memories and nostalgia, while hating for the long wait specially for check in and other procedures.

This is to combat scammers.

Mozilla's yearly effort.

  • Read #Tipitaka online. Collection of Pali language texts which form the doctrinal foundation of #Theravada #Buddhism. Apr 12, 2014
  • Download the free #school text books provided by #Sri #Lanka government from for grade 1 to grade 11. So convenient. Jan 17, 2014
Memories. Old memories. (Should I say, young memories?)

  • China's first moon rover lands — and rolls onto lunar surface - After almost four decades. First time in my lifetime. Dec 14, 2013
Must have been a cool feeling when the man landed on the moon for the first time a few decades ago. Not much new exciting breakthroughs recently, compared to that. I would consider a Mars landing equally ground-breaking. Nothing else.

I tweeted this long ago. Have to re-read now, as I have forgotten what was this about. After a few minutes of scanning the page again, I still hold the respect for this hero, after 2 years.

  • ~~ Someone is trying to reset my #twitter password. Considering I am a harmless and no-politics person, that is really funny.. :D Dec 06, 2013
After my somewhat political posts in social media in the recent past, I am not sure whether I am still a no-politics person. However, I am still a harmless person, and always will be. I just want everyone to be happy!

I am still not a master.

  • What is the origin of name Pradeeban? Probably Switzerland. According to :D #smh Nov 10, 2013
Seems it is US now. There are pros and cons of having a long name, that is hard to remember and pronounce. Not sure whether pros outweigh the cons though.

I used to buy colouring books as a young kid.

Just like I developed this habit of booking seat number 55A in the flights, recently.

  • It's not normal to get your testicles bitten off, of course, but it can happen, especially now in Sweden. Aug 14, 2013
ouch! I love the Swedish lakes. Should be more careful. lol.

  • Closed #Railway stations of Sri Lanka - || It seems previous generations had a better railway in the country. Aug 07, 2013
Luckily the northern lines are back in service now.

The days before clickbaits were mainstream.

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