Saturday, November 14, 2015

Colombo by tuk-tuk

[14th November] My 2016 diary
I had some adventures in 2012 from my journeys in New Delhi by tuk-tuk.. Usually tuk tuk drivers have been nice to me in Sri Lanka, and specially the ones with meter never asked for more than what is shown in their meters unlike in New Delhi. They often claim that they do not have change and try to keep the 10 - 20 rupees change to themselves. But usually that is it.

This time I experienced some differences as I was travelling with a foreigner. First, we were going from Bambalapitiya to Thurston. The driver diverted the three wheeler to Dimbrigasyaya - Jawattha. I asked him "Why are we going here, when Thurston is not this side?" He claimed that he was avoiding the traffic. He took a round trip and came back from Reid Avenue, Colombo Campus, and back to Thurston. It took me some time to realize that he intentionally took us on a long ride to charge more money. However, since this was my first negative experience, I decided to be more careful. The next time another three wheeler driver started the ride without actually resetting the meter, and hence charged for 1.9 km that we did not really travel. After that I always ensured that they reset their meters.

From my overall negative experiences this time, I realized, wherever the country, there are people who try to cheat the foreigners. Their logic is usually the foreigners have more money - and charging them more is  reasonable. I hope for a world where people treat everyone equally without such a double standard - foreigner or not. I have always been under the impression that Sri Lankans treat the foreign visitors better. It was a bit disappointment for me to observe the contradicting behaviours from my fellow citizens. 

After 2 years away from my country, I felt many differences in the country. Also feeling a bit more like a tourist in my own country. This was just a short trip of 25 days, and finally I returned to Lisbon to continue my regular daily life. This year was full of trips. I am now waiting for 2016 - full of events and travels, I suppose.

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