Thursday, November 19, 2015

Broken wheels and the policy of Sri Lankan Airlines

The new entries to our travel life!
As we took the luggage from the belt in Male, we noticed that the wheel of the suitcase was broken. It was not a good signal to begin with, when we reach a new country that we have never been to before. 

Sri Lankan Airlines have been always popular in damaging the checked in luggage. We went to the Sri Lankan airlines complaint center in the Male Airport. Interestingly, the staff at the counter pointed out to the policy statement of the Sri Lankan Airlines that the wheels and handles are not covered by their system. That means, you cannot ask for a replacement or repair, if the handle or a wheel is damaged. As a saddening coincidence, on our trip back to Portugal from Sri Lanka via Rome, the wheel of the other suitcase was also broken - this too was in a Sri Lanan Airlines flight. So far in my hundreds of travels, I have encountered broken wheels or handles thrice - all from Sri Lankan Airlines. Since our suitcases are damaged, we bought two new ones in Lisbon finally. As we do not foresee a Sri Lankan Airlines flight in the recent days, these will be safe for while, we hope.

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