Saturday, February 11, 2017

Every time Skype updates

Microsoft attempting to force two of their failed products to their unsuspecting users.
I am not sure how ethically correct it is for Microsoft to try to trick the Skype users into setting Bing as the search engine, and MSN as the home page!

I feel it is morally incorrect to make the boxes ticked by default. Have I not paid attention, I would have mistakenly set MSN as the home page and Bing as the search engine. 

I did not visit MSN even once for the past decade, and I don't think I have ever used Bing. This is bad - really bad - more like a virus or adware from Microsoft's end to hijack Skype users. Unsuspecting non techie users may end up with a default home page and default search engine they never asked for. 

Microsoft, pls stop! Get more users in the right way - not by tricking the innocent users and wasting their time! I find it amusing that the third choice, "Make Edge (or IE) as my default browser" is not forced too.

P.S: I vaguely recall mistakenly installing and making McAfee as the default anti-virus when I installed Adobe Reader a year or two ago. So apparently Microsoft is not the only offender.

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