Sunday, October 27, 2019

Deciding on travel destinations

Salzburg: Typical Europe
After our day trip to Zugspitze and the Baltic trip, we still had time before the GSoC Mentor Summit. We were contemplating Innsbruck and Salzburg. But given the activities in Innsbruck seem similar to Zugspitze, we decided to go with Salzburg. It was a pleasant surprise to see tourists in large amounts in autumn. A contrast to what we witnessed in the Baltic states. Austria is indeed touristic. Anyway, this Austrian town was charming in its true European form. So it surely is not a disappointment to anyone. I still haven't been to Vienna, although I have been to Austria two times by now. Maybe I will visit Austria again in the future again anyway, including Vienna and Innsbruck.

P.S: I found these live cams quite useful.

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