Sunday, October 27, 2019

When you have too much time in hand in a random town

The Panevėžys Train Station
Have you have ever had a day trip to a relatively dull town and ended up having too much time in your hand? That's what happened to us when we ended up in Panevėžys, Lithuania, in a bus ride from Riga, Latvia, using Ecolines. We already had a return ticket in slightly later than 10 hours from our arrival time. We ended up having nothing much to do after going on speed walking across the town, exploring the whole town and suburbs by foot, enjoying a proper Lithuanian meal, and exploring their shopping malls. Eventually, we resorted to visiting one interesting cafe, not once - but twice (since we ran out of things to do)!

Due to a 75% discount going on with Ecolines, for journeys between Riga and Vilnius, instead of buying a return ticket to Panevėžys from Riga (would cost 20 Euro), we bought our onward journey from Riga to Vilnius and return trip from Panevėžys to Riga.  The bus has an intermediate stop in Panevėžys. But they check the names when you enter the bus. If you do not enter at the designated stop, they cancel your trip. So we cannot buy a return ticket to Vilnius from Riga (it would cost only 10 Euro). With two tickets (5 Euro from Riga to Vilnius and 11 Euro from Panevėžys to Riga), we paid 16 Euro. Still saved 4 Euro. Yet, we had a risk. In case if no one gets in or gets out at Panevėžys, our bus would take us to Vilnius. Then from Vilnius, we would have to find our way back to either Panevėžys or Riga, by purchasing a connecting return bus. Luckily, the bus indeed stopped in Panevėžys, because there was one (!) person getting down at

The way how we explored Panevėžys was interesting, and I am sure I will replicate this in the future often. Eventually, Panevezys got some cult status in my life. It is a small town with lots of lakes and parks. Nice paths to walk around. Quite boring place - yet you have many things to do in the town as well as quick trips to nearby Baltic cities such as Riga or Vilnius. I have also made it into a verb.

1. Wander aimlessly, because you have too much time in hand without specific plans.
"We should totally panevėžys tomorrow when we arrive in Panama." 

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