Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fonte da Talha - Portugal's finest beaches

A big jellyfish found in Fonte da Talha
I decided to go to Fonte da Talha beach, yesterday, despite the fact that the weather forecast showed it had 50% probability of a rain. :D I took a bus (TST - 161) from Praça do Areeiro, Lisboa to Costa da Caparica (4.10 Euro. Comes once in 30 minutes). My plan was to take the beach train (Comboio da Praia) - more of a toy train, which I read somewhere in the Internet, that it operates in the weekends from 9 am - 7 pm (return trip, which costs 7.50 Euro). It had rained in the morning - the roads were wet, and it was still drizzling. When I got down from the bus, I asked the bus driver, "Could you please tell me, how to get the Comboio da Praia?" I repeated, "Comboio da Praia" Usually the people here are very very helpful. Just some of them do not speak good English. So, if you repeat the Portuguese phrases or destination clearly in Portuguese, you will surely get the help. But the bus driver spoke a very good English. "The train stopped on the 29th of August." He smiled, and continued, "Sorry, next year." :P The train seems to be seasonal.

He suggested me to get a bus towards Fonte da Talha (TST - 130). While I was walking around to locate the bus stop, a 130 just passed by. So I missed one 130 - I waited for the next one. For around 30 minutes. Probably more than that. These buses are not frequent. Probably once in an hour, or once in two hours. Who knows? :P

I am not going to give up. I decided to try a taxi. Taxis were not frequent either, and all of them seem to come occupied. After some wait, I was able to get a taxi. I explained him I am going to the praia towards Fonte da Talha. He understood I am going to a beach, and he said, he cannot take me to the beach. But he can drop me closer in the main road. I said, "sure". :D

It costs me 5 Euros. Then I walked a long distance passing beach parties including a kids party hosted by different beach bars on the way, and sooner, I was on the beach. :D The area was quite active actually. I enjoyed the sun and the waves. Waves were pretty huge - probably because of the weather. The water was warm and comfortable though. After a few hours, I walked further south by the beach, as it started to drizzle with a strong (very very strong) wind, sky covered by black clouds. I finally reached the fishing village, Fonte da Talha. The village is kind of on top of the near by mountain. :D I attempted to climb it in search of the bus that would take me back to Costa da Caparica. The shower was getting stronger, and I gave up the idea to find the bus back.

Kite surfing in a windy day..
I returned to the previous bus stop near to the beach, where I found a TST bus (#127) that goes to Cacilhas. I remember last year I took a boat from Cais do Sodre to Cacilhas, and then a bus from Cacilhas to Costa da Caparica. :D I am going to do the same. To Cacilhas, and then a boat to Cais do Sodre. It cost me 4.10 again to go to Cacilhas. After a somewhat long bus ride, I was in Cacilhas. I still remembered the place very well, that I did not have to ask for directions anymore. The boat to Cais do Sodre comes once in 20 minutes, for 1.20 Euro. I finally reached Lisboa safely. :D

So I realized, to use the public transport to Fonte da Talha from Lisboa - the best option is to go to Cacilhas by boat from Cais do Sodre and to Fonte da Talha by bus from Cacilhas. The total transportation expense for my trip was, 14.40 Euro (4.10 Euro for Lis/Areeiro -> Costa da Caparica, 5 Euro for Taxi towards a nowhere zone, 4.10 Euro for Fonte da Talha -> Cacilhas, and 1.20 Euro for Cacilhas -> Lis/Cais do Sodre).

An update from the 5th of October: I went again to Fonte da Talha to explore the land side and the cliff. This time from Cais do Sodre -> Cacilhas by boat, and Cacilhas -> Fonte da Talha by bus TST 145. Total cost for the trip was (1.20 for boat one way + 3.20 for 3-zone TST bus, one way) * 2 -> 8.80 Euro. Had a long walk, enjoying the nice view, and so many kite surfers.

This may probably be my last beach trip for this summer. But time goes very fast. Within a very short time we will have our next summer. Hopefully. :)

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