Sunday, September 21, 2014

Master Thesis Defence and End of EMDC 2012 - 2014

I defended my master thesis last Friday, the 19th of September, 5.30 - 7.00 P.M. My thesis was titled, "An Elastic Middleware Platform for Concurrent and Distributed Cloud and MapReduce Simulations". It had produced 2 publications - 1 work-in-progress paper already published and the other accepted as a full paper, at the time of the defence. I secured 18 out of 20 as the grade, after the defence. I was the last to defend the master thesis in our batch. Hence, my defence also marks the completion of the EMDC batch 2012/2014.

My thesis presentation slides can be found below.
An Elastic Middleware Platform for Concurrent and Distributed Cloud and MapReduce Simulations from Kathiravelu Pradeeban.

I kept my blog updated about my life and studies with my 2 years of master studies with EMDC. Thanks for following them. This probably will be one of the last posts on EMDC, except for the occasional posts recalling EMDC from the future. Now I am continuing my PhD from the same university, under the sister program, EMJD-DC. You may expect to find about my PhD life here as well,  as a continuing story of time line from EMDC posts. Interestingly, EMDC has become the mostly blogged title in my blog. I hope EMJD-DC will overtake, eventually.

Special thanks to my supervisor Prof. LV. Thanks to all my friends who came to cheer me up for my defence. My defence also marks the end of the EMDC 2012/2014 batch.. For me, the defence was just a small interval/break before continuing EMJD-DC - Not leaving the place or university. Good bye everyone of EMDC 2012-2014 who is now doing PhD in other schools or working in big corporations.. See you again soon someday somewhere.. 

Keep in touch..

Dissertação: An Elastic Middleware Platform for Concurrent and Distributed Cloud and MapReduce Simulations
Candidato: Pradeeban Kathiravelu
Presidente: Professor José Carlos Alves Pereira Monteiro
Orientador: Professor Luís Manuel Antunes Veiga
Vogal: Doutor Ricardo Jorge Freire Dias
Data: 19/09/2014 -17h30/ Sala 0.20, Pavilhão de Informática II, IST, Alameda
Abstract: Cloud Computing researches involve a tremendous amount of entities such as users, applications, and virtual machines. Due to the limited access and often variable availability of such resources, researchers have their prototypes tested against the simulation environments, opposed to the real cloud environments.  Existing cloud simulation environments such as CloudSim and EmuSim are executed sequentially, where a more advanced cloud simulation tool could be created extending them, leveraging the latest technologies as well as the availability of multi-core computers and the clusters in the research laboratories. While computing has been evolving with multi core programming, MapReduce paradigms, and middleware platforms, cloud and MapReduce simulations still fail to exploit these developments themselves. This research develops Cloud2Sim , which tries to fill the gap between the simulations and the actual technology that they are trying to simulate.
First, Cloud2Sim provides a concurrent and distributed cloud simulator, by extending CloudSim cloud simulator, using Hazelcast in-memory key-value store. Then, it also provides a quick assessment to MapReduce implementations of Hazelcast and Infinispan, adaptively distributing the execution to a cluster, providing means of simulating MapReduce executions. The dynamic scaler solution scales out the cloud and MapReduce simulations to multiple nodes running Hazelcast and Infinispan, based on load. The distributed execution model and adaptive scaling solution could be leveraged as a general purpose auto scaler middleware for a multi-tenanted deployment.

keywords: Cloud Computing, Simulation, Auto Scaling, MapReduce, Volunteer Computing, Cycle Sharing, Distributed Execution

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