Thursday, September 25, 2014

UCC 2014 - An Adaptive Distributed Simulator for Cloud and MapReduce Algorithms and Architectures

Part of my master thesis work has already been presented a work-in-progress paper at MASCOTS 2014. Now, it has also produced a full paper, that is accepted as a full paper to IEEE/ACM 7th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2014), to be presented in London, 8th - 11th, December 2014. 

An Adaptive Distributed Simulator for Cloud and MapReduce Algorithms and Architectures
Scalability and performance are crucial for simulations as much as accuracy is. Due to the limited availability and access to the variety of resources, cloud and MapReduce solutions are often evaluated on simulator platforms. As the complexity of the architectures and algorithms keep increasing, simulations themselves become large and resource-hungry. Simulators can be designed to be adaptive, exploiting the clusters and data-grid platforms. This paper describes the research for the design, development, and evaluation of a complete fully parallel and distributed cloud and MapReduce simulator (Cloud2Sim), leveraging the Java in-memory data grid platforms. Cloud2Sim provides a concurrent and distributed cloud simulator, by extending CloudSim cloud simulator, using Hazelcast in-memory key-value store. It also provides an assessment of the MapReduce implementations of Hazelcast and Infinispan, with means of simulating MapReduce executions. Cloud2Sim scales out the cloud and MapReduce simulations to multiple nodes running Hazelcast and Infinispan, based on load. The distributed execution model and adaptive scaling solution could further be leveraged as a general purpose auto-scaler middleware for a multi-tenanted deployment.

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