Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The next chapter

Final Submission, as a CD..
I recently posted my previous blog post on EMDC, with my thesis presentation slides. I shared it over the social media with the below caption.

Multiple reasons to read this post.
1. Probably my last post on my life with "EMDC", my master studies.
2. It contains my master thesis presentation slides and some secret information..
3. It may be emotional. Perhaps not..
4. It contains information on what is coming up next.. 

Since I am continuing the PhD in INESC-ID Lisboa / IST, there is no feeling of finishing or leaving something. Just missing the friends. Today, I submitted the 2 CDs of my final thesis to the Academic Services Department. All went well.

I also signed the employment contract for the EMJD-DC till the end of August in 2017, from the human resources department. Now time to start - I mean, resume - the work. :) It rains, and I dislike it here. I had plenty of sun light in Sri Lanka, which I dearly disliked, due to the high relative humidity. Now the summer is over. But I am sure it will come back pretty soon.

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