Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Memories of Sweden

Walks from Farsta Strand towards Vidja
I lived in Sweden for 4.5 months as KTH was my second university during my MSc (EMDC). However, unlike Portugal, which I hosted my first university, I did not stay beyond one semester in Sweden. I, of course, visited Sweden later for multiple occasions.
We had fun in Stockholm. I had to share a studio with a roommate to reduce the rent in the costly Stockholm, as we still just got the same 1000 Euro as the scholarship, even though Stockholm is more expensive than Lisboa. Our studio was provided by KTH. It is in a walking distance to the Kista campus, on top of the Kista shopping mall. Therefore, any time we wanted to buy something, we just had to come downstairs to the shopping mall! I also visited the shopping mall in Farsta frequently. We visited the central Stockholm, including Gamla Stan and T-Centralen neighborhoods often.

From the cruise to Helsinki
I often frequented Farsta Strand neighborhood for its woods. I used to walk from Farsta Strand towards Vidja. Farsta Strand also had a God Ganesh temple of Sri Lankan origin that I visited a few times. I like the view of Langholmen island. Therefore, when I came back later to Stockholm for the MSc graduation, we stayed in the Langholmen island. Although most of our courses were in the KTH Kista campus, some classes were on the main campus. The main campus building is stunning and it changes its appearance entirely based on the season. I often frequented the KTH main library, which was much bigger than the ones in Lisboa. Before returning to Lisboa from Stockholm, we made a cruise trip to Helsinki. We also flew to Copenhagen and took a train ride to Malmo from Copenhagen. 2013 December is probably the best new year vacation in my life so far, just like the 2013 NYE remains the best NYE.

Karlstad University
My first return to Sweden was for our KTH graduation in Stockholm in 2015. We had our EMDC Spring event in the Fejan island. I returned to Stockholm and Fejan again in 2015 for the spring event again, organized for our junior batch. I represented the EMDC 2012/2014 batch in the spring event. It was good to be back in Fejan for yet another spring event. My visit to Karlstad for ACRO summer school in Karlstad University was productive. It was one and only summer school I had during my entire studies. I also visited Stockholm on my way back. Although it was such a short stay, Karlstad immediately became one of my favorite cities. I don't know when I will be back in Sweden. But it is undoubtedly a country that I would love to visit again, or even live again -- probably for a much more extended period!

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