Monday, June 22, 2009

My Summer of Code - Abiword

8th of March, I sent a mail to the Abiword dev list, as I had found Porting Abiword for Windows to Unicode, an interesting idea, and done a basic research on that. I carbon-copied the mail to Jordi Mas, as he has already worked on the project idea. On the very same day, I got a positive encouraging reply from sum1 (Kamran Khan, an Abiword developer). By that time, I had realized that Abiword is the best place for the summer of codes.

I tried my best to hang on the #abiword IRC at gnome, and always interested in interacting with the users and developers of Abiword through the lists. I used this time as the best opportunity to make new friends with the other potential students through the mailing list and IRC.

19th of March, the list of selected organizations were announced, where Abiword was included for the fourth time, as expected. I was awaiting the result the whole day, and really excited to see that Abiword had been chosen. I sent a mail describing the project idea to the developer list immediately. I got some more useful suggestions from my mentor Dom and Jordi Mas.

Abiword had a requirement of building abiword to get selected for the summer of codes. I built Abiword successfully on Ubuntu 8.04 and satisfied the requirement. Dom suggested that since this would be a win32 project, it is expected to have a windows build, or a cross-building.

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